Hiring an Art Consultant

Do you love art but don’t have confidence in your ability to choose and negotiate fine art pieces? If so, you may want to acquire the services of an art consultant. With an art consultant at your side, you can find art collecting not only simple, but easy and fun as well.What does an art consultant do? An art consultant can help you through the entire art selection process – from choosing a theme to negotiating the price,.having the artwork framed, and choosing where the art piece should be located. She’ll let you be her guide and provide you with an art collection that is as expensive or inexpensive as your budget allows.There are basically two types of art consultants. The first type of art consultant is one who focus on homeowners or individual art buyers. The second type works with corporate clients.What can an art consultant help you with? First of all, she can help you to find paintings. A good art consultant will also be knowledgeable about current prices and can negotiate fair prices for you. She can be invaluable in documenting the value of your art pieces and giving you replacement value advice for your insurance needs. She can help determine the authenticity of the art and help you avoid getting stuck with imitations or frauds.She can also review your existing art pieces and either look for new pieces to complement them or advise you on the best ways to liquidate them if together you decide that they no longer fit with your art acquisition strategy.Not only will the art consultant assist you in finding the perfect artwork for your home. She will also, at your request, provide custom framing and professional installation.An art consultant can also teach you about the subtleties of art buying and selling and eventually give you the confidence to appraise artwork on your own.And finally, if and when you are ready to sell your art – a knowledgeable art consultant will advise you on its current worth and help you to get its fair market value in the marketplace.So what should you look for in an art consultant?The primary attribute you should look for is experience. But not just any experience. Experience in the type of art that you want to acquire. For example, if you have a keen interest in Inuit or Native American art, you’ll want to find an art consultant who is knowledgeable in that field. In this case, an expert in French Renaissance art will not serve you well.In addition to having experience with the type of art that attracts you, she should also have experience in that period of art. Knowledge of current Native American art does not automatically translate to having knowledge of 17th century Native American art.If you love art, and don’t know much about it, using an art consultant can be a nice shortcut to acquiring lovely art pieces without having to attend art school and acquire a degree in art.

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